Step by step…

Walking in Ratschings and the surrounding mountains means that you have to make a decision.   The Ratschinger territory is one of the most varying, with an enormous choice of walks and a number of tours to choose from. Your palate will also be spoilt for choice on the Ratschinger pastures „Almen“, easily reached with the cablecar. Take a stroll, let off energy and enjoy the mountains. The whole mountain plateau offers numerous possibilities, whether easy walks or sporty afternoons, with local delicacies or richly rewarded climbs to the mountaintop.



We have chosen two of these tours for you, see below for details :

Mountain tour SAXNER

Take the path Nr. 10 from Eggerhof, follow the path uphill through the mountain woods, then over the pastures to the Wumblsalm. In Summer this mountain hut is open to the public. From there, it’s uphill to the Schlotterjoch at 2283m. Once you are there, follow the trail left (Nr. 12) to the top of the Saxner. The fascinating and unbelievable view of the glaciers around about leaves you breathtaken. Take the same route home.

Ratschinger meadow walk

The walk over the Ratschinger pastures begins with a cablecar trip in the Ratschings cablecar. Once you have arrived at the upper station, follow the path right over the meadows to the waterfall meadow. From there, you can follow the trail up to the Saxner hut, the inner and outer Wumbelsalm and the Klammalm, then go back down to Flading and then take the path back towards the bottom station of the Ratschings cablecar.