„In Berg in der Hond“ The mountain in your hands

This idyllically sitting climbing crag „ Stohlwond“ sticks out vertically from a green alpine meadow and is situated towards the end of the Ratschings valley. The rock formations of Gneiss and slate offer many tour possibilities. Over 70 different tours can be made here on the partly overhanging rocks. The Stohlwand is an enormous challenge to every man and woman, due to its choice of different graded routes. You can practice on the same rocks as the ibexes practice their gymnastics.

Markus Hofer and Matthias Polig are climbing professionals and will explain the different tours to you:

The terminology that international sport climbers use is a bit different. They use terms such as Crimp and Egyptian to explain different types of holds. You need all of these if you undertake one of the tours on the Stohlwond such as the Schweinebucht, Hennenstoll, Bockhaisl or Gamspromenade.  The tour names are related to the first ascensionist. Here the climbers explain, for example, what the tour „Is weiße fin Speck“ means. The first really difficult route that was completed, was named like this, as you have to eat a lot of the white bit of the bacon, the fat, in order to have enough energy to complete the tour.

Information about this interesting climbing garden can be found at www.vertical-live.info. On Mondays the climbing arena is closed out of respect for nature and climbing is not allowed. Please do not enter the meadow as respect for the work that the farmers do.