Children can come too

A family holiday in Ratschings, but of course, where else? There are numerous adventures to be had here and in the surrounding area. We wanted to tell you a bit about all the different days out you can have here with children, but then this weekend we took the cablecar up to the mountains from Ratschings with our two boys, Fabian and Peter and Fabian just had to tell you about everything he had seen and discovered.

Here’s his little story about the Ratschinger „MountainAdventureWorld“.


I went with the cablecar and I saw a big penguin, you could see him from the cablecar. I already know about him though, Daddy already showed him to me, because he works there. I walked from the cablecar to the giant spider’s web. I climbed right up to the top and Peter went on the slide. Mummy made a tunnel with her legs over the slide and caught Peter at the bottom. Then I jumped over the logs and at the end I was allowed to go on the long, long, slide. Then I found a tower, the really, really big one, where you can climb right up to the top. I climbed up there, all on my own. Daddy had to carry Peter. Later I saw some giant ants, I was really, really frightened because they were so big and I didn’t want to go too close, but then I saw they were just pretend wooden ants, then Papi let us sit on them. First me, then Peter, and Mummy took a photo. At the end there were even marmots, but I don’t want to tell you about those, you have to go and see them for yourselves.

The day out in the MountainAdventureWorld was well worth it and the children will remember it for a long time. That‘s really the most important thing about a family holiday.

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