„Mein Radl und I“ Me and my bike

Do you trust me to take you on a cycle ride? I’ll accompany you on a special bike ride, the Ratschings Panorama Tour. We start from the bottom cableway in Ratschings in Bichl. We ride into the valley to Pulverer where we take a sharp left turn, then its a steep ride up the mountain on a woodland trail. We speed our way past the Kaserlicht meadow then down a short trail to the waterfall meadow. The ride up is steep and relentless, but the scenery and views from now on make it all worthwhile. Pedal on on the „Hohenweg“(high road) and go straight past the mountain huts of Ratschings. Once you are at the Kalcheralm you can continue on until just before the Jaufenpass road. Here, a little sideroad leads off on the left that keeps crossing the pass road all the way up to Kalch. Here, take another left turn over the meadows and through the woods. Once you have arrived at the Ratschinger valley road, you can follow it all the way back down to Ratschings and the bottom cableway station.

And how did you enjoy our cycle ride together? Did I promise you too much? There’s a great view, isn’t there?

Don’t you feel fit enough for a mountainbike tour? Then rent out one of the latest trend bikes, an electric bike. You still have to pedal, but your efforts will be rewarded with the help of the inbuilt batteries.

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